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KMP has lain fallow for quite some time now. Busy with keeping the wolves at bay and so on.
I've a few morsels to add here since I'm in the neighbourhood anyway clearing away some cobwebs.

There are new images in the following galleries:

Small-Scale        Trucks        Buggies        SportsCar/GT

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I'd appreciate it if you would let me know via email.

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Older Updates Listed Reverse-Chronologically:

Two new Mechwarrior figures 

Mech One     Mech Two

One Truck

Two Offroad Buggies
Buggy One     Buggy Two

Several Touring Cars
TC One     TC Two     TC Three     TC Four     TC Five     TC Six     TC Seven     TC Eight

Two 1/12-Scale Cars
12th One     12th Two

One T-Shirt

Three 1/10-Pan shells: One     Two     Three

T-Maxx Truck

December 6
Car     Car     Truck

August 25th
Re-work of the site cover page.
Added TheGame!TheGame!
Several other small bits and pieces here and there.

January 5th
Five Touring Cars:
1     2     3     4     5
Four 1/12-Scale Cars:
1     2     3     4
Four Trucks:
1     2     3     4
Four 1/18-Scale Bodies:
1     2     3     4
Three 1/8-Scale Onroad Cars:
1     2     3
Three Offroad Buggies:
1     2     3
1 Canvas:
Added an Art Cards Portfolio

August 14th
Just this.

June 24th
Lexus     Chevy     Offroader

June 7th
1   8th-scale buggy
1   12th-scale carpet racer (2nd version)
2 electric buggy shells  1   2
2 electric truck shells  1   2
1   touring car
2 boats  1   2

April 25th

Two 1/8 offroad buggies,  1  and  2
A 1/12th-scale racing truck, here  A Mini-T shell, here

March 31st
Just a quick update, two new shells.
1     2

March 15th
A bit of a repaint and tuneup of the site overall.

New Stuff; two trucks: 1,   2.

  March 6th
Moved the site from one host to another.

February 25th
Touring Cars   1,   2,   3,   4,   5,   6,   7,   8
1/12's   1,   2,   3  Truck   1  Tshirt   1

October 9 2K3
A Helicopter here. A "Prehistoric Chicken" here.
Touring cars, 1234,   56,  and 7.
A 1/5th-scale car, here. A pair of offroaders, here and here.

March 21 2K3
A touring car here
An 1/8th scale here
Inventory page.

March 16 2K3
An airplane, here

March 10 2K3
Three new touring cars;
1  2 3

January 24 2K3
Trucks! Here and Here.
And an offroad buggy shell here.

December 15 2K2
One new T-Maxx shell, here.

November 29 2K2
Three 1/18 shells, here, here and here.

November 20 2K2
Three shells, here here and here.

One small tweak hardly worth mentioning.

2 Touring Car bodies, 1 1/8-scale on-road body.

Mid-April -- blew the cobwebs out of the links pages.

March 30 2K2
Split the R/C portfolio into 3 sections.
1      23

March 4 2K2
A T-shirt, a couple R/C Bodies, an R/C airplane.

July 8 2K1
An R/C Body
A T-shirt
The Wanderer Instalment One here.

July 1 2K1
I had some stuff in an Australian airbrush art competition.
...nevermind.. the magazine folded some time ago.

June 25 2K1
Some more stuff added to the subsidiary collection.

May 31 2K1
Added some stuff that's been waiting a while to the subsidiary collection.

April 16 2001
The first update since the move! Whee!
added one R/C Car body
I've also added another inflatable advertisement


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